We’re On A Mission

Since 1978, we’ve been working hard to make Hoffbrau Steaks a household name when it comes to Texas steak restaurants.  And although we’ve been around for a while, we still work hard every day to keep things fresh, so we can be the best steak house around.  That’s why, every year, we create a new Mission Statement based on the values that are important to us.

Our new Mission Statement is, “To build and operate responsible, profitable steakhouses by empowering each other to be difference makers. We create value by being consistently engaged in “WOWing” our Guests’ five senses: Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch and Smell.”  We’ve also included a Sixth Sense: anticipating what our guests want.

To us, these words are more than just a slogan to advertise.  They’re the words we live by every day in our steak restaurants.  We work hard to cultivate what we call Principled Centered Leaders.  Our PCLs are people who choose to be proactive, to prioritize both their work and home lives, and who set out each day with a goal in mind.  So whether they’re working on a banquet catering order in Arlington or refilling your glass of water in Amarillo, our PCLs work hard to make sure you’re receiving the best possible American food restaurant experience around.

Our Mission Statement isn’t something that’s just passed down from some corporate entity on high.  This is a collaborative project between managers and employees throughout our locations.  As a family-owned restaurant, we pride ourselves on providing choice aged steak in a comfortable, cost-effective atmosphere.  We consider each and every employee as a member of our family.  So the next time you’re trying to decide where to eat, consider choosing a local restaurant that’s mission is loud and clear: providing you with a six-sensory experience.  Whether you need business catering, gift cards, or just a nice relaxing place to get a good steak, come on down to Hoffbrau’s and let our Principled Centered Leaders make your dining experience one you’ll never forget.