Hoffbrau’s Has More Than Just Gr8 Steaks…

 Stick a Fork in it

The question most often asked in our little steakhouses is to our staff.  “What’s YOUR favorite dish?” 

 It’s a great question to ask, and honestly, in a restaurant, trust the answer.  We teach our servers to always shoot you straight.  If they don’t like something, they’ll even tell you that.  So, you’re going to get someone highly invested when you take them up on their recommendation at a Hoffbrau Steakhouse. 

Pork at Hoffbrau’s Can’t Be beat!

One of our lesser known delicacies at a Hoffbrau Steaks is our…pork.  Most folks don’t saddle up and ride in for the Bandera Pork Chops on their 1st rodeo, but the one’s that happen onto it, are never sorry.   When our Director of 1st Impressions in Dallas told me how much she wanted to share her opinion, I couldn’t resist. 

Hot-diggety blog! This blog is all about hog! Yes…hog! As in pork! Pork ribs and pork chops! We’ve got them both here at Hoffbrau! Our Texas Ribs are delish!

Smoked right here, over real hickory wood chips,  and totally tender. They literally fall of the bone! Basted with our Dr Pepper BBQ sauce…YUM!!

You can’t miss our Bandera Pork chops. These pork chops are fabulous! They are an all-time favorite with most of our servers to eat themselves!  Thick & juicy! I haven’t had a dry one yet and I have truly eaten quite a few of them…oink oink!! They’re slathered in our Bandera sauce; slightly spicy and lightly seasoned. These are by far the best doggone chops I’ve eaten! Paired with one of our excellent sidewinders (might I suggest our creamy, cheesy, mac & cheese?), you’re sure to satisfy your pork craving! So if you feel like “porkin” out, we’ve got the hog!!


My biggest Hoffbrau Steakhouse hint from a cowgirl in the know?  ALWAYS ask your guy or gal their favorite.  It’ll give you a great start to what is often a hard choice.  Or get you a brand new favorite.  What is your Hoffbrau Steaks all-time favorite?  Any can’t miss items you crave? 

“Baked” with love by our Director of 1st Impressions, and Writer Extra-Ordinaire, Carla McDonnell.

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